Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wanna Kill 40 Minutes

I have all of these mixmatched tea sets from  Mairin and the other day I was cleaning out the toy closet and ran across them.  I thought the tripets might find it entertaining to have a tea party.  This is now one of our favorite thing to do. 

I let them all watch a cartoon while I set out all of the plates, cups and pots.  I scoured the cupboards searching for the perfect drink and treats to make it a very fun tea party.  I had some cheese balls that were coated in white cheese versus the messy orange.  I called those the sugar balls for the tea.  I made some koolaid (which they never get) and just had some mini M&Ms that I put in their creamer containers.  I called them out and they were beside themselves.  They talked and poured.......poured and talked.....They drank a ton and made a mess but I gave them each a stack of napkins so they could clean up their own tea party.  This was truly a treat to watch and it was a great activity.  Just cause they are boys doesn't mean they don't like to pour....

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