Friday, May 18, 2012

Deodorant and Toothpaste and A Triplet!

I was busy working around the house.  You know the normal daily duties of a mom, chopping up veggies, cutting up fruit and thinking about what I was going to create for dinner and I could hear some rumblings upstairs.  It was nap time and all 3 of the triplets were supposedly tucked into their beds but I would soon find out that one little nugget wasn't falling into dreamland.  I passed by the stairs and glanced up to see Finn sitting quietly in the hallway.  Our eyes met and he jumped up and ran into his room.  By the time I got up the stairs he was buried in the bed with his butt in the air assuming that if he couldn't see me than I couldn't see him.  We talked about how it was nap time and he agreed to stay in his bed and finish his nap.  I talked about all the fun things we were going to do after he took his nap.  I felt like we were on the same

I returned to my duties and an hour later while I was putting clothes away upstairs in my room I heard my little nugget again.  I figured that he had done his time and I would get him up a little early.  I walked in to find him at the window with Eamon's deodorant.  There was also a strong smell of  freshness.  It was like he had just put on a fresh laundered shirt.  He managed to tie back the curtains with some random hair ties (dropped my Mairin I am sure) and was carefully spreading the stick of deodorant gently on the windows.  He was very thorough and didn't miss a spot.  It was a nice greasy, cloudy window.  There were shavings on the floor and he was so proud of his work.  I sigh and told him how dangerous that was (what else do you tell him) and that it was naughty to touch Eamon's stuff.  I walk into the bathroom to get some paper towels and my feet stick to the floor.  Glancing down I see I had stepped in a pile of white stuff.  The counter had the remains of an empty tube of toothpaste.  He must have spent some of his earlier minutes squeezing the tube until it was emptied on the floor, counter and all down the the outside of the tube.  Cleaning off my shoes I head downstairs to grab some Windex, more paper towels and a new tube of toothpaste. It just reinforces that I just go from room to room and clean up.   Finn Finn Finn................silence is not always good.

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