Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Finally Get It !

A tribute to my mom

I finally get it  !

I finally get why you made me take naps on lazy Sunday afternoons. 
 You were tired too and just wanted some peace.

I finally get why you dreaded the thought of us wanting to cook. 
 You knew us too well and the reality that our interest was never long enough for 
a good clean up.

I finally get why you cried when heard from the doctor that I had permanent hearing damage. 
 You blamed yourself and of course it was never your fault. You just wanted the very best

I finally get why you would go out of your way to help out with homework and projects. 
 You would do anything to make us successful.

I finally understand why you sent us to Nanny's house so you could go out. 
 Every parent needs time away without the kids. 
 It made you a great mother when you had time to yourself.

I finally understand why you were so concerned when I struggled with reading. 
 You again wanted the very best for me and didn't want me to struggle.

I finally understand why you wanted and encouraged extra curricular activities. 
 They taught me the competitive side of life and the lessons of working together.

I finally understand why you expected me to work. 
 Whether it was around the house, in the trees or at the restaurant. 
 Nothing in this world comes for free and hard work is the key to success. 

I finally understand why you always put me first and always made sure I had everything I needed. You continue to be there for me and you still put my needs first.

My biggest regret is that it has taken me so long to really have the deep appreciation for all that you and Dad did.

I Love You! Happy Mother's Day

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