Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Perks In The Metro

The Detroit Zoo is only a quick 20 minutes away and we are taking full advantage of it this year.  I finally have 3 little ones who can walk, listen and enjoy all of the animals.  I feel like this is really a perk of living in a metropolitan area.  We arrived at 9am this morning and had no problems leaving at noon for our afternoon naps.  We only had 1 timeout for Mr. Colin who wouldn't stay with us.  I let the other ones play in the play structures while Colin spent his 5 minutes sitting at the table watching the fun.  He apologized to me and was great for the rest of the visit.  Having season passes makes this such an affordable weekly event. 

We went to the zoo several times last year but the excitement was nothing like today.  They were so excited and interested in the animals and we had no stroller.  I had a backpack and that is all we took in.  Most of the animals were out and about and the lines were minimal. 

Now let's chat about my other kids.  I drove Eamon and Liam to Trenton last night for a hockey game while David held down the fort at home.  I had my niece pick Mairin up and take her to swimming and bring her back home.  It is getting to the point where if everyone has an activity we are running short of adults.  I know it is only going to get worse as they get older.  I really enjoy the time I get with the older ones.  It was an hour drive and we were able to talk and I got to cheer them on at their game.  Eamon and Liam are both defense men in hockey and they seem to really love it.  We are wrapping up hockey and baseball in another couple of weeks and going to ease into our summer schedule which is lite and fun.  Tonight is swimming and another baseball game.  Dinner is in the oven and laundry is done for today.  Ahhhhh Just another day in the life.

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