Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Things We Do.....

Baseball season is in full swing and for the next several weeks you can be guaranteed to find us at one of these places...A cold ice rink, an indoor pool,  a baseball field or on a tennis court. Quite a variation in atmospheres but it is what it is.  I refrain from bringing the triplets to tennis or to swimming and with a little imagination on your part I am sure you can figure out why.  I will take them to hockey games and baseball games.

Monday night we headed out to the baseball field to watch Eamon and Liam.  We needed somewhere to go and I loaded the car with lots of treats and figured heck lets do it.  I always have a bag full of snacks and beverages for the little nuggets.  I am amazed that no matter where we go and what we do as soon as we arrive someone is always hungry or thirsty.  I disappointed them by packing apples, cheese and water.  They were digging for the good stuff but I decided to go healthy and see just how hungry they really were. 

The trips made their way around to everyone saying hello and of course getting all of the attention from the team.  I don't know who is more interested in who...the triplets or the 4th grade boys on the team.  
We never go anywhere without someone needing to go potty so instead of watering nature in public I keep a portable potty in the back of my Expedition.  This evening Declan used it and insisted on sitting on it for quite a long time and watching the game.  Needless to say the team all saw him and he had the attention of all.   I didn't get back to the game for nearly 20 minutes but everyone got a turn on the potty.

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