Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Traveling With Twins, Triplets and A Single

The weekend was crazy but memorable.  It started on Thursday when my sister offered to take a triplet and Mairin up north a day early.  It is always a struggle for me to pick which one to go.  I decided on Finn and we were able to scoot him out the door before the others woke from their naps.  Finn was excited to go as was Miss Mairin. 

Thursday evening and Friday all day was like a different family.  I like to say it is all about perspective and I do not mean any disrespect to anyone who has fewer than 6 kids but wow what a difference it is when you are down 2.  Friday the triplets minus one and I went to the store, bank and went swimming at Aunt Myrna's pool.  Things were much more quiet only having 2.  It is not a matter of Finn being out of the picture it is all about 2 versus 3. 

I spent the better part of Friday afternoon packing for 8 of us and preparing some salads and sides to help my mom with the 3 day burden of feeding all of us.  I had the car packed and kids ready to go and we were all out the door by 4:30pm.  I can be a bit particular prior to leaving for a long weekend.  I like the house to be clean, flowers watered, toys all picked up, dishwasher empty and all of the laundry done.  I kill myself every holiday weekend preparing for the weekend but when we all arrive home after the long weekend I am thrilled to walk into organization. 

We had a ball and I think we exhausted both of my parents.  Grandpa and Heidi had all of the toys charged, gassed up and ready to go.  Mom had a full refrigerator and lots of snacks ready for us.  They do so much for us when we come and I know when we leave them and they collapse.  We rode the go cart, golf cart, 4 wheelers, pontoon boat, tractor and played in the playhouse.  We had smores one night and popcorn the other.  We grilled out and had some cocktails.  We went fishing, swimming, attended an all lake owners picnic and toured through the woods.  Heidi and I took our grandma out to lunch and met up with some friends at the local Sidney Tavern.  It really was a great weekend.  The triplets slept in every morning and had to be woken up for all of their naps.  There was minimal fighting amongst the little ones and lots of smiles when Eamon and Liam caught 30 fish.  Grandpa says "no" to nothing the grand kids ask for all weekend and Grandma accommodates every ones request.  It was wonderful.

Recovering is the worst part.  The 2.5 hour drive home and unloading everything put me at the end of my rope by 9pm Monday night.  Tuesday was back to the routine and schedule. 

My cousin was in from Colorado and snapped some great shots during the weekend.  Thanks Casey for capturing some cute moments for us.

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Jodi said...

I can only imagine how loud three fours can be. I have two and they compete.