Sunday, May 20, 2012

Triplet Pool Adventure

Record temperatures in May bring record amounts of fun at the Mott house.  We did a double pool day this weekend.  Saturday morning we got up and went right to Aunt Myrna's pool for some swimming and then hit it again today.  The beauty of it all is that the morning is free of whining, fighting or mischief.  They spend 3 hours in the pool and we get home and go right up for naps.  They awake refreshed and content to play at home in the backyard. 

Saturday was the first day outside of our Goldfish swim class in a pool.  I put their arm floaties in the back of the truck but did not let them see them.  I wanted to get them into the pool without any floaties to see how secure they were going to be in the water.  I stood on the pool steps and let my little fish try it out.  They immediately jumped in and they tested their confidence.  I had to help each one of them in the beginning because of their over confidence.  I enjoyed watching them discover quickly that they needed to stay close to a side and that they had to gage how far they could go underwater.  It was about 30 minutes into it when I felt like I could sit in a chair on the side of the pool.  They would jump in and swim to the side, they figured out that they could swim across the pool and they attempted to go the length but usually had to make a detour to the side for a quick breath.  The goggles are the key in my opinion.  They allow them to see clearly the bottom, sides, steps and everything under the water.  They took some time out for some snacks and were able to have lunch under the umbrella before dressing and heading out.  It was so nice to discover an activity where they can be somewhat independant and something that they really enjoy.  We have our last swim lesson of the summer tomorrow and then we will be hitting up the area pools and lakes for the remainder of the summer. 

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