Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trouble..Mischief..Triplet Stuff

The triplets room was just stifling hot this morning.  I was putting away laundry and it got to where I couldn't take a breath.  I thought it was odd but then again maybe it was just me getting warm for no reason.  I continued to pick up and noticed the thermostat cover on the floor.  Just as I was putting it back on the wall the 3 little nuggets walked into the room.  "Who was playing with the thermostat?".  Declan says nothing, Finn points and says, "Declan" and Colin also pointed to Declan.  Declan you are so busted.  Ah ha..I figured it out.  Declan apparently turned the heat up to 90 degrees last night.  The room was at a sweltering 82 degrees.  I drop the temp back down and sigh..............

Downstairs we all head and while I am cleaning up the kitchen (because that is all I do..go from room to room and clean up) I take a moment to peek into the family room to see why it is so quiet.  Declan is quietly going thru the drawers looking for pants and underwear.  I frown.........I know what he is doing!  He claims he can't get dressed by himself, but if he pees his pants he immediately takes his clothes off and amazingly puts on new pants and underwear.  Max and Ruby clearly distracted him from getting up and going to the bathroom.  The rule at my house is.  I will help you get dressed but if you pee your pants you are on your own.  You need to put your wet clothes in dirty basket and get out new clothes and put them on. 

I glance out again and they have discovered the vacuum.  They all work together to pull it out and since it is the canister vac they find it manageable to move around.  They play with the cord as it has the automatic retract on it.  I decided to let them play with it and I offer to actually plug it in.  Why didn't I think of this years ago.  They took turns vacuuming for nearly 40 minutes.  They can get under the kitchen table much easier than I can.  Ahhhhhh....sometimes their busy ness can be helpful. 

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