Friday, May 4, 2012

What is Jesus Doing?

Some nights are better than others in the quest to keep my set of triplet boys in their beds.  Declan is the leader of the nighttime frenzy.  It is clear that without Declan in the equation the other two would probably rest peacefully.  I really don't have any other options living in a four bedroom house with six lovely children.  I figure (and pray) that eventually they will get it or heck maybe it will just be part of my nighttime routine.  The good part is that they never ever open the door. 

There was a big storm brewing last night with lots of lightning and thunder.  The storm didn't get going until around 9:30 so I didn't get the opportunity to talk to the triplets about a storm prior to going to bed.  I could hear some bouncing around in their room so I went in and as I open the door it was like worms when they see the light.  All of them froze and stuck their heads into their pillows. (if we can't see you than you can't see us).  I sat down on the side of Declan's bed and said, " boys there is a lot of noise outside and it is Jesus moving his furniture".  Their eyes grow big and wait for me to say more. "Jesus decided he wanted to move his couch and beds around and it is very noisy, isn't it?".  They all look at me and shake their heads up and down.  "Do you hear the rain coming down"?  "Jesus is crying because he sees that you are not staying in your beds, it makes him so so sad".  Declan looks up and says, "Yeah mom Jesus is sad". Colin replies with, "I stay in my bed mom" and Finn adds "Jesus is crying".  They all crawled into bed and I told them to lay quietly and listen to the furniture being moved around and assured them that if they stayed in their beds that Jesus would stop crying.  I got up, turned off the light and walked out of the room.  That was the last thing I heard last night.  I really didn't think much of it until I went to get them this morning.

I walked in this morning just like every morning and they were all laying in their beds humming and looking around.  They immediately said, "mommy mommy Jesus is happy". (it took me a minute) I responded with, "Yes he is and why is he happy"?  Colin informed me that he is happy because we stayed in our beds. (could this really be happening?  Did they really listen to me last night and they are remembering what I said the very next morning).  We talked extensively about this topic this morning and made me smile. 

They attending mom's morning out at our church this morning and I asked the teacher if they said anything about Jesus being happy.  She said they did and she thought they were just talking about how Jesus had risen and that made him happy.  I told her the story and she immediately started laughing and enjoyed the story.  There was a storm a couple of weeks ago while they were there and she told the kids that the angels were bowling.  The kids all asked lots of questions but no one was scared.  See everyone has a story to ease the apprehension of little ones.

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