Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Work Work and More Work!!!!

7 yards of mulch delivered yesterday and 7 flats of flowers needing my love.  I attempted to plant and within an hour we had a pet frog, buckets of water from the hose, toys dumped all over the yard, triplets trying to help me by digging up the flowers that I was planting and 7 changes of clothes between the 3 of them.  Countless snack wrappers scattered in the yard and  darkness approaching while I frantically plant so I don't have to revisit this project tomorrow.  I ask myself if it was worth the cleanup to be able to get my plants planted.  They can completely destroy everything in a matter of minutes but they can laugh and enjoy themselves throughout the entire process.  Today I will attempt to spread the mulch and I am sure if you let your imagination run wild you can guess what will happen today. 

Then I come across a recent picture and they seem so cute and perfect!!!!!!!

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