Thursday, June 7, 2012

3 Year Old Male Human..Times 3

I would still call it a good night even with all that happened. 

David decided to take the older ones to swim practice, out to dinner and then they were going to catch one of the tournament baseball games.  I knew they wouldn't return until after 9pm so I had the evening with just the triplets.  I was able to completely clean out the garage and the shed while they played nicely outside.  We came in for dinner and they asked if they could play upstairs so I said yes.  I called them down when dinner was ready and Finn came quickly.  I got Finn all situated and still no Colin or Declan.  (oh well I guess they will come when they are ready)  I sat down at the table with my dinner and Finn was eating away.  It was nearly 15min when I asked Finn where his brothers were.  He responded with, "In Eamon's room....I locked them in there" and he proceeded to shove another spoonful of food into his mouth.  (No wonder they didn't come down).  I went up there and sure enough Finn had locked the door from the outside.  Colin and Declan were just laying in Eamon and Liam's beds chatting.  What a little stinker.  Colin and Declan hurried down to have some dinner and when they walked into the kitchen Finn smiled at them, pointed to them and said, "I lock you in". 

Dinner was all cleaned up and I had the sprinkler on in the front yard so I heard 3 little boys outside laughing.  They were dancing around the sprinkler getting just a sprinkle or two on their clothes.  The weather was nice and it was 7:30pm so I asked them if they wanted to play in the sprinkler in their underwear.  Well they thought that was the coolest thing ever and stripped immediately.  This was their bath for the day and they loved it.  They quickly got cold so they wandered to the backyard where they were all sitting in the sandbox with their wet under ware.  I was working in the kitchen when I glanced out the kitchen window to see a disturbing site.  We have a two story play structure with the sandbox on the bottom and on the top is the little fort.  Finn had climbed up to the fort with his bucket of sand and had dropped his pants and was peeing on the floor of the fort.  Colin and Declan were below in the sand looking up as the drops of what appeared to be water were dropping down on them.  Little did they realize Finn was peeing on them.  Ewww Ewwww Ewwww.......I crank open my kitchen window and yell out to Finn, " no no..You do not pee no no" Needless to say he just looked up at me and continued to pee until his bladder was empty.  I stopped what I was doing and ran down there and sprayed them all off with the hose.  They thought it was a hoot and but I personally thought it was gross.  I'm not sure if any of them really realized what really happened.  Finn thought it was fun while Colin and Declan just thought it was raining...I guess. 

All this happened and I thought it was a good night.....Ha..just another Wednesday evening in the life of a Mott.

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