Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bringing Them Back To Reality

I never believed the stories of when I was young and spent a week with my Nanny that life was tough on my mom when I came home.  I was spoiled rotten and expected that to continue when I returned home.  I am seeing it first hand today. 

My kids were up north with grandma and grandpa for 7 days and today was the first full day back home.  The older three were great with no issues but the little ones were heck on wheels today.  Colin woke up in a sour mood and it just got worse from there.  I had to take the older 3 to swimming so the little ones came along too.  We went down to the pool with minimal issues but while we were down by the pool Finn bit Declan and while I had my back turned, Colin dropped his pants and peed in front of everyone.  I was mortified and could not get out of there fast enough.  Colin was in his mood of not willing to stay with me and not holding my hand so by the time I reached the car I was fit to be tied.  I had previously promised them that I would take them to the dollar store and buy them some tools (rakes and shovels) for their "work" but once we got in the car I quickly informed them that we would not be going to the store but rather going straight home because of their behavior.  Colin threw one of his shoes across the car and the other 2 crossed their arms across their chests and pouted all the way home.  Nap time finally arrived and I thought things would improve after they had a good nap.  They woke up and it wasn't long before we were back into time outs and tears.  Finn wouldn't eat dinner so he ended up going without, Colin threw another fit and got a long time out while Declan was whiny but didn't seem to do anything too bad.  I needed a moment so I commissioned Eamon, Liam and Mairin to take them all outside and burn off some energy.  I am sure that tomorrow will be better and I will never give up a week a grandma's but geez it is tough bringing them back to reality.

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debi9kids said...

oh boy! Always rough getting back in a decent routine... hope it gets better tomorrow.