Monday, June 11, 2012

Doing A Head Count...Who Does This?????

This was a whirlwind of a weekend and there is always a first for everything...we experienced a first this weekend.

Friday night started with a bang as we ended our baseball season with a party at the beach.  We dragged the kids out of there too late but fun was had by all.  Saturday was hot and after a long night before we chilled for the afternoon.  Our niece Maeve graduated from the 8th grade so all wanted to be there for her.  I got everyone ready in their "nice" clothes, hair combed and I even got myself together in time. 

When we go somewhere together I usually send all the kids out to load up.  I expect the older ones to buckle in the little ones and then I can gather all of the last minute items, turn things off and lock up.  David and I got in the car, closed the garage door and I started up the car.  It was that moment when a voice from the back says, "Mom..Dad...we forgot Colin".  David and I look at each other..kind of embarrassed and off David goes back into the house to search for #6.  Colin was playing in the basement and didn't notice that the house had emptied without him.  He came out and jumped in the car.  David says to me, " don't know why they wait so long to tell us that we are missing one". (hummm didn't know it was their job to make sure we have all six of our little ones).  We laughed about it and were glad that the little mother in the back was watching out for everyone.  I guess I will be doing a head count from now on.  I guess you just assume that everyone is always there...why wouldn't they be in the car...right......

The party was fun and it was another late night for everyone.  Sunday was another hot one and we spent the day at our Church for an outdoor party and cooled down at Aunt Myrna's house in the pool.  All six kids were in bed at 7:30pm and I was not too far behind.  This is just the beginning of a busy summer...I can just feel it.

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