Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeding Twins, Triplets and A Single

Food is a big deal at our house.  When you have six kids and three of them being young you don't tend to eat out very much.  I end up cooking almost every meal that my family eats.  Our grocery bill is growing and some days I am blown away by the amount of food we go thru and how often I am at the grocery store.  We are a 12 gallon of milk a week family.  We are no longer a one package of hot dog family either.  In the morning I serve at least 4 bagels, toast and several bowls of cereal.  I pack lunches for the older 3 and David so after the morning toast and the sandwiches for lunches I am down to several slices of bread.  My mom is constantly making me strawberry and raspberry jam but she cannot keep up with our consumption.   Peanut Butter disappears and the lunch meat needs to have several back up packages in the freezer.  Waffles are a treat because we went thru 20 of them the other morning for breakfast along with 8 eggs.  I am constantly watching for the sales at the grocery store and there is nothing better than chicken breasts on sale for $1.77lb.  I buy popcorn by the tub and it is a regular evening treat.  On pasta nights we go thru two boxes of noodles and at least one large loaf of garlic bread.  When I make cookies I usually make a triple batch and freeze them.  Lasagna is a family favorite and I make several pans of it and then freeze it.  Taco night is a family favorite and finding taco shells on sale is also a great day for me.  I am at the store regularly because I just don't have the room to store enough gallons of milk, loaves of bread, bagels or eggs.  I really enjoy cooking for my family and it gives me joy when I serve something that everyone (including the triplets) likes. 

I buy burger in bulk and I make my own patties and I put 11 or 12 in a package.  Eamon and Liam have been known to kick down 2 each and a couple leftover can be a snack for later.  Some nights we have leftover night where I get out all of the odds and ends and make plates for everyone.  Everyone gets a dab of this and a bit of that.  They enjoy those nights too.  I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen and my dishwasher is constantly full.  I often feel like someone is always hungry no matter what time it is.  I know my bills will continue to grow as my boys continue to grow but hopefully I will continue to have kids that will eat what I make for them. 

This picture is an example of the plates for just the kids at dinner.  I didn't even plate up the adults.  Cheers.

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Anna said...

I have 5 kids including 1 year old triplets and I'm constantly amazed at the amount it takes just to feed my crew. I can only imagine what it will be like as they get older, eat more, and bring home friends to eat!! Love your blog!