Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Alone

Home alone with nothing that I have to do.  I think this has been better than a vacation.  My anxiety began to kick just a few short hours after everyone left.  What should I do?, What could I do? and of course What do I want to do?  I was able to do a bit of all and made for a happy couple of days. 

I went through all of the closets and took a huge load to salvation army.  I washed every bedspread, mattress pad, blanket and rug in my house.  I had the carpets cleaned, rented a movie, ordered take out, played a round of golf, strolled through Target, cleaned out all of the magazines, paid bills and watched all of my DVR shows.  I hung pictures in the boys room, organized a couple junk drawers, stayed up late and enjoyed a cup of coffee on the couch in the mornings.  Ahhh Life is good but seeing my little nuggets will also be very exciting.  So here's to a couple of days of being home alone but my real energy does come from my 6 blessings and my husband.

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