Thursday, June 28, 2012

It Is A Hot One

96 degrees and 6 kids....what is a mom to do???  Thursday is Marcia day (thank the lord for dear Marcia) and I had to run some errands so as I was dropping a load of groceries off this is what I drive up to.  This is what having a big family is all about.  10 year olds teaching 3 year olds how to kink the hose, little ones teaching the older ones how to have fun with water and a little mother playing yet being very careful with the young ones.  I love love when we do things that everyone gets involved matter the age difference.  We picked up some neighbor kids during the proces since it is the more the merrier.  Water does amazing things........

The older 3 are busy swimming every morning so it is up to me to entertain the little tots.  We headed up to dollar store for some tools and cleaning supplies.  I let them pick out their tools and went home and spent a good amount of time digging in the dirt, cleaning my car (wheels only please), and sweeping up dirt off the driveway.  Buying them the dollar items saves my brooms, scrubbers and shovels.  They were great helpers and it was a great morning.

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