Monday, June 4, 2012

Locked Up

We sent all 6 kids downstairs the other night for a movie while David and I took over the family room to relax for a minute in peace.  It was a nice couple moments when suddenly Mairin appears.  "Mom..Dad..Declan locked himself in the basement bathroom and the light is off"?  I initially laugh and tell Mairin "Declan can turn the light on"? Mairin is convinced that this is a big deal and Declan may have to live out his life in the bathroom.   David heads downstairs to check it out and on his way back up the stairs he is sputtering.  "That kid locked himself in the bathroom and the screws on the door handle are stripped....We will be lucky if a locksmith can get him out of there". (other words were used in this exchange but I am keeping it clean) David has hit his limit.  He is angry and on his way to the garage to look for tools to get the little nugget out of there.  I hear David in the garage talking to himself, "why do they destroy everything, why can't they leave the locks alone".  I feel like I need to help out in some way so I head downstairs.  I get to the bathroom door and ask Declan to unlock the door.  He responds "mom I can't".  I try the knob and it does turn so I gently bump the door with my hip and it pops open.  Declan looks at me with a big grin and the other 5 kids come running and cheering.  Declan gets hugs and kisses by all and it is almost like he is new found hero.  I go back upstairs and catch David with tools in both hands and tell him that the door is open.  I start to laugh (hoping to break the mood) and tell him that the door swells with the humidity and that it was never locked.  David finally cracks a smile and I remind him, "these are the little moments you are going to remember".  I also say, "David you constantly want to freeze them and keep them the same age...sure you don't want to rethink that".  It was just another moment in our life.

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