Monday, June 25, 2012

A Post From My Mom....I Love It

The kids spent the week at Grandma and Grandpa's house and I insisted that my mom do a blog post of her own.  I am so excited to share this post directly from my mom.

The car with Aunt Heidi and the six grandchildren arrived last Sunday just in time for supper.  The three older kids were going to a day camp at the Community Center in Greenville and the triplets would be Grandma, Grandpa and Heidi’s responsibility.  It promised to be a busy week and we were as eager to have the grand kids for a week as they were to be here.

Looking back on the week it seemed to go fast, but I do have to admit that there were some times when time stood still.  Three year olds are not very patient and all want your attention at once.  They played outside much of the time, but watch out if they were not in sight.  They liked to “work” and had a pile of boards, a broom and a plastic hoe.  One day it was very quiet on the other side of the garage so I went to check---all three of them were so proud of themselves because they were digging for worms, in other words they had removed the sod from a three by three foot area of Grandpa’s lawn.  Their hands were black with smudges of dirt on their faces and clothes.  We quickly put the sod back in place and mudded it in before Grandpa came home.  A similar incident happened later in the week and Grandpa gave them a strong warning not to do it again, then just hosed them down---they thought that was great fun.   Every morning we went on an adventure from visiting Great Grandma to swimming in Larry and Sherry’s pool to visiting Anderson’s Orchard, to playing at the local park in Stanton, to hearing a story at the Library about owling from Grandma Kay, the story teller.  They are so easy to take places now that they can follow directions. Every afternoon or early evening Grandpa took them on an adventure ride on the golf cart.  They got so they didn’t want him to leave the house without them.  They also liked to ride on the big John Deere tractor, but Fin was a little afraid of the loud noise it makes.  The little gator got quite a work out with them driving it round and round in the yard loading and unloading it.  The battery wore out before they did.

Now, the three older grand kids were a completely different story.  They were up at 7:00 every morning and off to camp until 5:00 when we picked them up.  They had a busy week of games, swimming, fishing, and crafts.  They were so well-behaved that you hardly knew they were around.  Mairin is the little mother and helper.  She is so good with the triplets and manages her two older brothers pretty well too.  Liam loves to play baseball and he and Eamon watched most of the Tigers’ games this week.  He also wanted to go fishing, which didn’t happen until Saturday, but they did catch a nice mess of fish and had fun teasing a big snapping turtle with a fish on Liam’s line.  Eamon likes the Wii and would play it all day if he could. He also has a great memory for Tiger statistics.  There are certain foods that he likes me to fix and I tried to accommodate him. They all went knee boarding and tubing behind our pontoon boat on Saturday and swimming every night.   All three of the older grand kids are so independent and so easy to have around.

Now I want you to know that we live a pretty quiet life here at the lake, but it did change completely this week.  Having anywhere from nine to 12 for meals, packing lunches, cleaning up owees, wiping noses and tears, counting heads, especially when swimming, getting life jackets on and off, buckling up car seats, making popcorn and s'mores for so many, etc. is far from business as usual.  I guess that is why time flew by as quickly as it did. The two and one half hour naps every day did help to revive us though. We could not have done it without Aunt Heidi, and Heather who came on Wednesday night and stayed the rest of the week.  Sunday truly was a day of rest for Grandpa and Grandma. 

The only reminders that we have of the week are little hand prints on the windows and doors, kernels of popcorn found in the seats of chairs, sticky spots still on the dining room table and chairs, a few crumbs on the floors and a pile of towels that need washing.   We’ll happily remember this week for a long time to come and hopefully the grand kids will as well.

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