Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Schools Out..I Have To Step It Up

Schools out and the sports are ending and the chaos is beginning.  It is time to line up the summer charts for chores, reading and homework.  Time to purchase enough sunblock to take 6 kids out in the sun everyday.  It is time to stock up on slip n slides, sidewalk chalk and squirt guns.  Time to accept the fact that I will be tired, laundry will pile up and that the kids will not shut the doors when they come in and out. (our air conditioning bill should be a ringer).  Shoes will be lost, towels will be left at various locations, days will go by without showers or baths (lake water and pool water will count right).  No longer is dinner at a set time and snacking will hit an all time high.  Sip cups convert to water outside to help avoid the soured milk that is always found days later.  Bed sheets will have to be changed more often because of dirty little feet and lots of sand.  Bedtime will be later but let us pray that naps are longer.  Play date requests will come daily and I will need to take a deep breath and say "yes" every once in awhile.  It is time to pull out the paint by number, model building and crafts to kill some of the down time.  David will begin leaving the "kid to do" list before he heads off to work.  The list usually consists of pulling weeds in various flower beds around the yard. He always tells them that he will do inspection upon his return and that is enough motivation or fear to make them all go out and do it right. 

I'm sure I will forget to have everyone brush their teeth every night and will probably get short around bedtime.  I'm sure the neighbors will tire of late evening screaming outside and toys scattered everywhere in the yard.  I'm sure my down time will decrease significantly and my endurance will be tested.  I'm sure we will hit every park and splash pad within a 30 mile radius this summer.

Summer will be tough and I am sure I will enjoy it..heck what else would I be doing. Cheers!

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