Friday, June 29, 2012

Working Together

The kids all swim in the mornings and after their swim practice they love to let off some steam at the beach.  I have to crack up how sand can be so entertaining to all ages.  Eamon and Liam took turns being buried and although I know every kid has done is still precious when you get a picture of it.  The girls are a couple of good friends and as I said before...It doesn't matter the age..

I have to really give credit to my older 3 so far.  It is very hard to do everything that everyone wants to do and they have been so patient.  I am very particular about their duties around the house but they are really a big help to me throughout the day.  Eamon will you go and get the triplets up, Liam will you please go turn off the hose, Mairin can you take this load of clothes upstairs, kids can you take the triplets outside so I can make dinner, I will make the popcorn can you go downstairs and get the movie started for movie night, I need a basement cleanup.  and the list goes on.

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