Sunday, July 22, 2012

Check It Off The List...It Happened

The triplets have now all been successfully stung by a bee.  Declan got stung this past week while running in a neighbors yard.  We watched it carefully and no allergic reaction..woo hoo!.  Tonight we were at our friends house when all of a sudden a group of happy little 3 year old toddlers became confused and scared.  It was quite clear what happened because they were all looking at different parts of their bodies wondering what just happened.  The tears and brief screams followed instantly.  Colin got it on his nose and butt, Finn got it on his hand, our friend Kennedy got it on her finger and as they were running inside a bee was in Finn's hair and one of the adults got it.  You may think I am kind of crazy that I consider this a milestone but when you have 6 kids and you are often alone with them you are happy when the first sting comes when there are several doctors in the house, a nurse and many others to be able to watch and observe.  You never know what will happen to little ones on their first sting.  We had epi pens ready, children's Advil and lots of ice.  We have officially all been stung and all is well. 

We had a spectacular evening with lots of our neighborhood friends.  The boys and Mairin got lots of tubing this afternoon and the evening didn't end until Liam challenged one of the neighbors to a game of ping pong.  He didn't win but he is determined to be a force.  I am barely keeping my eyes open as I write this and go back over our marathon weekend.  I am thinking that I need some recovery time from this fast paced weekends. 

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trooppetrie said...

I agree, I want to know that if it happens when noone is there to help they will be okay. I have 6 blessings too