Thursday, July 12, 2012


Up at 6:15am and after getting myself all ready I gather the clothes for the triplets and I quietly head into their room.  They are all sleeping and as they slowly wake up I get each one dressed and remind them that we are going to the dentist.  The rest of the house is sleeping so I show them how to tip toe like a mouse and we make it down the stairs and directly out the door to the car.  I packed their milks and breakfast to eat while en route to our 7:30am dentist appointment.  I do the first appointment of the day so that the doctors are on time and we can get in and out quickly and with no fits.  They were so excited to go and although they normally do not let parents back in the working area I asked for a quick picture.  I guess this is a regular request.  We love our Pediatric Dentist and the fact that they love going tells me they are doing something right. 

We were back in the car by 8:15am.  They were good and there were no embarrassing moments.  I only got heads turning when they kept bringing them out one by one when they were done.  I bet the people were many more Mott's are back there.  Just wait until I set up an appointment for all 6 of them back to back.  Hah now that will be funny.

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