Friday, July 6, 2012

Running..Running...No Stop In Sight

Wham...Bam...Hit Me Upside The Head..We got ourselves lots of kids and lots of activities.  We are ending the first week of July and I didn't think I would say this is getting a bit easier.  The summer is going by rather fast and the triplets are adapting to our schedule pretty well.  There will always be mishaps of course but for the most part I can honestly say that I am pleased. 

We go to the beach and they play with me sitting and watching.  They can handle the pool with no issues and are really honing their swimming skills.  The heat has really taken a toll on our outside activities.  We have been hitting the beach in the mornings and a pool in the evenings.  They have all been up late and sleeping in very nicely.  The laundry right now consists of beach towels and swim suits.  We get up and put on our suits.  We put on a pull up for naps and then back into our suits after naps.  I am living out of my beach bag.  I carry 2 bottles of sunblock with me at all times, lots of goggles, towels, water balloons, snacks, water bottles and we can pretty much be gone all day. 

They stayed up for the fireworks and seemed to enjoy them.  I explained to them that they were a party in the sky.  We put glow sticks around their ankles and necks so we could identify them in a sea of people but they stayed pretty close.  Colin tried a sparkler for the first time.  They were handing out sparklers and Colin said, "look mom a fire stick, I want one". stick..yep that is pretty much what it is. 

You should see David and I though after a full day of kid activities.  We can't wait to get them all tucked into bed and then we basically fall on the couch as if we are just as exhausted.  This week David keeps saying, "man these kids have no idea just how lucky they are, I didn't get to do any of this stuff".  I asked him what he did on the 4th of July and he laughed and said, "sat on the front porch and watched the steam lift up from the pavement on a scorching hot day...and we had no air either".  Sounds like he probably also walked 2 miles to school up hill in the rain too.....

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