Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer with Twins, Trips and A Single

This summer is taking a toll on our entire family...except for the triplets.  Everyone is staying up late and sleeping in late...except for the triplets.  I am beginning to really realize the demands that are ahead of me as far as summer entertainment.  The triplets don't want to be home all day and the older kids don't always want to do what the triplets are able to do.  I find this balancing act to be the most challenging. 

Play dates are exceptionally difficult.  Eamon and Liam are always asking to have friends over and I have to sit them down and explain why we don't have quite as many as others do.  Our car only fits 6 kids so I can't drive them anywhere if we have friends.  The weather we have had lately limits the amount of time the kids want to spend outside in the backyard.   The triplets nap and quite frankly sometimes you just are not prepared for an additional 3 kids in the house no matter how good they are.  I hate that I have to limit play dates but hopefully someday the kids will understand why. Last week I did have 3 friends over and we headed to the beach for a 5 hour beach evening with pizza, swimming, water balloons and ice cream.  I dropped everyone off around 8pm and by the time I got home I was wiped out.  The worst part is that I really don't do anything.  I find a place to sit where I can see everyone and I seem to be home base for everyone.  I am in charge of keeping towels available, fights at bay, tummies full and manners in check. 

I don't have time to get much done this summer.  I can't seem to fit in a coffee with a girlfriend even if I really tried.  I haven't done much entertaining because there are not enough days in the week.  Golf league and swim meets take up several nights a week so I am rarely home kicking back in the evenings.  I crave some lounging time and look forward to the days when we have no activities and it is raining outside. 

I have various bags packed around the house that never get fully unpacked.  I keep coming across different bags and hanging up towels, dumping out sand, throwing away empty snack wrappers.  I am staying up too late just so that I can chill in peace.  I am not cooking like I normally do and we are living on sandwiches and anything easy.

All in all I guess I am thankful for the fun we are having but by August I should cooked and ready for school to begin.

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