Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Is Always Something

The triplets need to go to school and they really need to go 5 days.  It has been a long and fun summer but enough is enough.  I am worn out and out of ideas.  I am done trying to be the "fun" mom and have had enough whining and fighting to last me until next summer.  The older 3 have been angels and are always there to help but the little 3 are making me crazy. 

I took the trips for a walk yesterday and while we were the farthest away Colin starts screaming.  A blister on his foot had just popped and I don't think he even realized he had a blister.  He was hopping on one foot and there was no way he was willing to walk it home.  It took me a minute to think what the heck I was going to do being so far from home and having 3 little ones.  We had no nothing.  I remembered that I had put a band aid on Declan's butt earlier that morning for a mosquito bite that he wouldn't stop scratching.  "Declan come here and turn around".  I took Declan's band aid off his narrow butt and put it on Colin's foot.  Colin was still limping but it did allow us to at least make it home.  Last night I was cooking dinner and I knew the trips were in and out playing.  We had the air conditioning on so I am usually following them, constantly shutting the doors and telling them to shut the doors.  I had not been to the front door in awhile so I didn't see what was created at the front door.  I was dishing up plates for dinner when I heard a loud crash and banging.  It really sounded like something fell in the basement.  The older 3 went to the front door to see what it was and as they turned the corner they say, "Oh Hi Dad".......Oh crap...what did I miss?  Apparently what we heard was David moving the barrier that was built in front of the front door and the door was wide open.  Daddy was not very happy.  Finn and Colin had built a wall of chairs, tools and wood in the door opening and lord knows how long the door was open. (I hate it when hubby comes home from work and catches something like this..I usually have everything calm and cool and taken care of).  Needless to say we all sat down to dinner and just when I think we are all good.....Declan starts whining and is literally ruining any chance of any conversation.  He is taken away to timeout. (oh please please let dinner get better).  By the end of dinner David comes over to me and tells me a story of his father.

 "I remember growing up and we had a small landing at the back door of our house.  My father would come home from work and often everyone had left their shoes there.  When too many pairs of shoes were left there and it created a barrier to entering we would hear the sound of shoes being thrown down the stairs by our father.  We knew we were in trouble." David ends his story with.  " I just had a moment like my dad".  He smirked, gave me a kiss and headed into the family room to read the paper.  Just like his dad used to do (but not on the ipad).  Some things stay the same..generation after generation.

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