Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lotsa Mottsa..Continued

You discover some funny things when you stay with family for a week.  You get to see what everyone looks like in the morning, what everyone eats for breakfast and how many showers the "teen" Mott's need.  I loved the evenings when David and his brothers would play euchre together.  Billy was sipping on his vodka and tonic and yelling Shabam...Pa Pow....(from a recent Saturday Night Live Skit) while Michael was telling stories from the 70's.  David was constantly telling them to hurry up and I couldn't help but stay at the table and laugh.  The next table over was full of kids playing "scattagories" and the various other Mott's were scattered on the couches watching the Olympics, checking emails and updating Face book.  The little kids would retire early and some would be making a late night snack.  The lights all stayed on until late and the camp seemed to stay quiet until well after 9am. 

I was able to spend an afternoon with a bunch of the nieces and nephews while floating down the river on tubes.  17 of us packed into our cars and went down the river.  My sister in law, Kathleen  went along too.  My tube popped within the first ten minutes of floating so I spent the next 2.5hrs trying to keep as much air in the tube as possible.  I took turns talking to everyone and although I never caught up with Eamon and Liam I know they were having a ball with their cousins.  By the end I had to share Mairin's tube for the end but thank goodness she is so little and could share with me.

David had to leave on Thursday night to get Mairin back to swim finals so I was left for 36 hours to fend for myself and my 5 little nuggets.  We went to the Clare County Fair to see the Circus show and after sitting in the hot sun for over an hour I had a batch of triplets with red checks and irritable.  We grabbed some take out and headed home to cool down while the other Mott's went out for pizza.  The triplets all asked to go to bed that night at 8pm so I was able to pack up and get organized for our 10am checkout the next morning.  It was around 930pm when I hear a knock at my door....some of my nieces had come over with a gallon of ice cream and 5 spoons.  "Hi Aunt Heather..Can we come in and talk about boys and stuff"?.  I am so excited and flattered.  They want to talk to ME. We all gather around the table and take turns laughing and talking.  It wasn't long before my sister in laws come over too and we have a room full of ladies only.  We must have covered every topic that night from....How do you know he is the right one? to the perks of private school to college life.  We ended our party just after midnight with an empty gallon of ice cream and some hugs.  What a great ending to a great week.

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Billy said...

Pretty fun week I agree. And for the record only Pa-Pow is from SNL...Shabam! just popped into my lame brain!