Monday, August 13, 2012

Multiple Emotions From A Multiple Mama

A slow wake up to the sounds of triplets jumping around in their room and the realization it is the start of another day.  A slow walk to the bathroom to put myself together before opening the bedroom door of crazy.  The older 3 are awake and have already made their way to the family room where they peacefully watch cartoons knowing that I will be down soon.  I approach the door to the triplets room and I anticipate the morning smiles.  I walk in to see 3 little ones just staring at me with the same anticipation.  I am their mom and they are happy to see me.  I am their safety net, their caregiver, their everything at this point in their life.  I make the rules and it is up to me to raise them the very best way I can.  They are so innocent but so destructive at the same time.  They are so mischievous but helpless without me.  They learn what I teach them and they look to me to keep them safe and happy.  I sit on the edge of their bed and ask for a kiss and hug from each of them.  They drop their blankets and off we go to get breakfast.  I brew the coffee while they ask if they can open another box of cereal that they picked out and today,  I say, "sure".  I greet my older blessings with a smile and a good morning.  The older three are so easy and so helpful.  They also need me and I am also their mom.  They have different needs and I love watching them grow up and mature.  It doesn't take but a minute before an argument breaks out over what chair the triplets will sit in and my smile turns to stern and here we go. Three bowls of different cereal is made and all you hear is slirping. I take a sip of coffee...emotionally stable.

They finish and then we are off to getting dressed.  Another mood changer as I discover two of them want the same shirt.  It is only the beginning of the day and I am have climbed the emotional wall and I have settled several times before 9am.  There is no medication out there that would produce the up and downs that a mom experiences throughout her day.  It truly can be a roller coaster of good and bad.

Time to head out to the beach when I kindly ask everyone to put their suits on.  Colin and Declan comply and Finn doesn't want to.  I ask the older ones to load up the little ones in the car and when I get out there I hear Declan complaining about wanting to do the top part of his seat belt himself.  I turn on  the movie as we back out of the driveway to hear Declan immediately whining saying, "I can't hear it".  I hear Colin in the back singing.....Here's my call me maybe.  I stop and turn back to give Colin my biggest smile. I am emotionally stable again.  LOL.

We unload at the beach and Finn runs out in the parking lot....emotional peak again.  Eamon tells me that he is really happy that I take him to the beach...emotional stabilizer.  They decide to make water balloons and while five of them are content, Declan is screaming, "I want another balloon".  Finn has found a truck to play with and is making roads in the sand while Colin found a watering can and is watering all the flowers...I take a sip of coffee...emotionally cool. 

We end up spending several hours down there and as we end our time at the beach noone wants to leave and there is lots to pack up.  The older ones accept the idea of leaving while the little ones make it a little more difficult. Nothing is easy about triplets.  We get everyone loaded in and we are home in time for our afternoon naps.  While the trips nap the older ones have to give me an hour of reading and Mairin has to also give me 20 minutes of math facts before they are free to hang.  This is a the most peaceful part of the day but also can be the toughest...what do I do first?  Fold laundry, clean, pay bills, get dinner ready or hang out myself. 

The days are very predictable but you never know the mood that they will all be in.  The bigger issue is that they never know what mood I will be in.  Multiple Emotions From a Multiple Mom

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Cheryl Lage said...

What a great snapshot of your day's experience...well-expressed.

Hoping the mood for all is WONDERFUL tomorrow! :)