Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Team Mott

Dear Eamon, Liam and Mairin,

Life is crazy at our house and without you I would be lost.  You are all so quick to lend a helping hand in anyway you can.  You are patient, kind and very loving to your little brothers.  You rarely question my requests and often go along with anything.  You tolerate the triplets bothering you, getting into your stuff and messing up everything they touch.  You play so nice with them and you know how to care for them.  You constantly ask me if there is anything you can do to help and everytime you do it makes me smile.

When the triplets were born we decided to assign a triplet to each of you.  This is the one you will forever be connected to and the one you will grab when I need help.  Colin looks up to you, Eamon and he wants to do everything you do.  He loves just sitting next to you when you are watching a movie.  Liam you are great with Declan and you always get crazy with him.  Declan just wants to be close to you and wants to play.  Mairin you have a way with Finn and he would be lost without you. You take him by the hand and tell him that he will get a star if he behaves...he adores you.   You are all great role models and you teach them new things everyday.  You are gentle with them when they are hurt and you know how to be firm when they need to be corrected.  You share the TV with them and often watch "baby" shows just because you know it will save a fight and give me a break. 

I am so honored to call you my own and am so grateful for all of the help, love and support you provide me each and everyday.  Your help never goes unnoticed but sometimes in the heat of the moment I don't take the time to thank you.  We are often a team, Eamon, Liam, Mairin and Mom against the triplets.  We don't always win but we do make it through the day with lots of emotions. 

I hope that when you grow up you will look back fondly at your childhood and that you laugh at some of the memories that we have made.  I am sure you will remember the unfair moments and the moments when I was ready to loose my mind but hopefully you will smile and remember that I was always trying to give you all that you needed. 

I hope that growing up in a big family also teaches you things that you will be able to take with you.  We have tried to teach you life long lessons while still keeping it fun.  You have learned to be very patient because it is not all about you, there are others in this family too.  Everyone has a job in the family and sometimes that job is cleaning up after someone else even when you didn't make the mess.  Laundry, vacuuming and cleaning up are things that everyone needs to know how to do.  You have learned from the very beginning that mom and dad love each other and that you are loved no matter what.  School is the priority and when...or.... if.... you slack on schoolwork than extras such as sports are gone.  You earn it and you can lose it.  You have had to share a bedroom and will always have to share because you have lots of siblings.  You have chores around the house because we need your help.  You have learned to be very independent because sometimes you have to figure things out for yourself.  You have learned to be responsible for your things, homework and your actions.  These are all things that will take you through life and hopefully make difficult choices easier and transitions a bit more tolerable.  I hope that growing up in a big family teaches you to compromise and to go after all that you want in life.  I know that this letter is a bit premature but I have such hopes and dreams for you and I can't wait to see the young adults that you will eventually become.  You are everything I dreamed of and more.  I love you Eamon , Liam and Mairin.

Love, MOM


Sue Kearney said...

Okay - you just made me cry!

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That was so sweet...such an awesome thing for the big kids!