Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Adult Vacation

The vacation is over and it was a good one.  School is a week away from beginning so wrapping up summer is what the Mott's are doing.

Every year my wonderful sister surprises us at Christmas with a gift of a "no kid week away".  It is a surprise to us every year because of the magnitude of the gift.  She thinks it is no big deal but if only she really understood just how precious of a gift she provides.  It is priceless (well you could buy it but this is also worry free when she has them).  I should give credit to my wonderful parents too because Heidi often ends up at their house for all or part of the week.  Mom does the shopping and Dad gets all of the toys ready for play.  We are so so blessed to be able to vacation...just my hubby and I for a week.  I hope the gift keeps coming every year (hint hint..wink wink).

This year we were invited by our neighbors to accompany them to their home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We love Cabo and what a great way to spend it with friends.  Our neighbors also have a boat docked at the Marina in Cabo so we got quite the experience.  We spent a couple days deep sea fishing along with some dips in the ocean, lounging in the pool, some late night euchre games and lots of Mexican food.  It was an experience that we are so grateful to have.  The trip came to an end way too soon but although our trip was over the kids were not going to be returned until 2 days after we arrived home.  David and I got home and had some time to hang out, play some golf and recovery from the vacation. 

While we were gone my lovely sister kept us smiling with random text message pictures of what they were doing.  The one below is the triplets at Eamon and Liam's hockey practice.  Heidi got some great shots of  Nanny's 88th birthday dinner too.  Love it when the kids have fun while we are away.

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Janet said...

What an amazing gift! I have to admit....I'm a tad bit jealous!