Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Teaching Morning

I am a very fortunate individual and have received many blessings in my life. I have wonderful parents, a great sister, amazing husband and 6 healthy children. I often think about how blessed I am and how blessed my children are. Our daily life is fast paced and full of activities and often
my kids begin to think that our life is normal. Our life is far from normal in comparison to the rest of the world. You can't blame children who are raised with access to fun things, a good education and food on the table,this is all they know so of course it is normal to them. I want to make sure that all of my children know just how fortunate they are and teaching this takes constant reminding.

David teaches Sunday school and always tells me that he stresses this idea to his students. "You are richer than 99.999% of the people in the world" he says to the kids. "We are unusual and the the rest of the world is normal". "Imagine how different your life would be if you were born to a family in a poorer part of the world". My children will never know what it is like to be hungry or to not have a bed to sleep in and although you don't want your children to go hungry I do want them to gain a better appreciation for all that they have. Education is a privilege and taking vacations is something they should realize is a gift.I never want my children to possess false humility of be embarrassed or ashamed with what they have. But I want them to recognize it was through the grace of God that they have this.

The other day we went over to "Helping Hands Charity" and we spent the morning packing up boxes of clothing that will be sent to Mozambique. This charity was formed by a husband and wife duo who visited southern Africa several years ago and asked their tour guide to take them into the bush to visit a village. After seeing and visiting this village they adopted the tribe and have been working with these people for several years. Wayne and Sydney visit Africa every year and they stay for 3 months and help the people build schools, bathrooms, provide medical supplies etc. When we went over to their home to pack the boxes my kids were eager to ask the questions and eager to get the answers. "Why don't they have shoes?" "Do they have electricity"? Sydney and Wayne showed them pictures of the people and took time to explain many details. They showed the kids all the outfits that she had sewn and was going to take with her. They talked about how the tribe worked and how they carry water and live amongst the wild animals of Africa. We packed up 7 boxes of clothing, shoes and hats that would be shipped there and would arrive when Helping Hands arrived. It was truly a great morning for both the kids and myself. It really makes the complicated life that we live everyday seem so meaningless.

The unfortunate truth is that there are many countries in this world where politicians enrich themselves at the expense of their people and where basic human rights are violated every day. I hope that this experience helped me teach my children what a special country they live in and how fortunate they are to have been so richly blessed.

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Kimberly said...

As always, you impress me and inspire me.
I know I don't leave comments much anymore, but I think you understand why. lol. However, I do always keep up with you and your family, cause I can always count on you to make me feel 'normal'. hehehe