Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All That Happens In A Day with Twins, Triplets and A Single

School started last week for the older kids so now it is time to get the triplets all situated into what they are going to do.  I decided that since we have a pond in the backyard that they really need to learn how to skate before the ice comes.  David and I tried to take them skating once and it was a disaster.  They cried and hated it so from now on....No mom on the ice.  I signed them up for Monday morning learn to skate.  They seemed to do great and I was able to sit in the bleachers and watch.  Colin took to it the best followed by Declan and poor little Finn...well lets just say that the snack at the end will probably be his only motivation to get back out there next week.  

I was putting on their skates and of course the director of the program saw me and made her suggestions as to the quality of their skates, "they really need skates with toe picks and it is the best way to learn.  We can rent you some each week or you can purchase some from us".  I smile but in my head I am thinking...my three older kids learned to skate on these skates and they are doing just fine.  They are three years old and we are not in training to go to the NHL or to the Olympics.  This is probably the one thing that I hate most about living in a metropolitan area with lots of competition.  I just want the boys to be able to stand up and skate around on some old hand me down skates.  I want them to be able to hang on the pond this winter with their older brothers and burn off some energy.  I ended up going into the rental office to appease the director and was overwhelmed with the rental fees for figure skates and for a measly $65.00 per pair I could own my very own new skates.  I was a little discouraged but glad that they didn't have skates available to rent so I would have to wait and didn't have to make a decision.  The more I thought about it the more irritated I got...they are 3 years old people.  I ended up taking the triplets to the Salvation Army on our way home in hopes of finding 3 little pairs of used figure skates. (to make the director happy and maybe because I kind of believed them that learning would be easier).  Low and behold there were a dozen or so pairs of skates hanging and with a little searching I was able to find three pairs that would work.  It just so happened that Monday's are half off kids day.  I walked out with three pairs of skates for a total of $6.00.  It was my lucky day.
The rest of the day was normal routine and went as expected until the evening.  We were all playing outside until just before bed when I called everyone inside.  The triplets put on their pajamas and insisted on going back downstairs to hang with their older siblings before bed.  David was reading and I was sitting back and enjoying a little down time when Liam comes barreling up the stairs in complete panic.  "Dad dad...Colin hit his head and it is bad".  We both explode out of our seats and meet Colin at the top of the stairs with a trail of blood behind him.  He had hit his head on the wicker couch we have in the basement and literally sliced open his forehead.  I had a very hard time even looking at it because the skin had contracted and the gash was wide open.  David and I were both a little panicked but tried to keep our cool as to not panic the others.  Liam explained what happened and as he did he began to cry.  He was devastated that he was playing with Colin and this happened.  Here we are trying to check Colin out and I am hugging Liam to reassure him that it was an accident.  We are so lucky that we have a doctor friend across the street so before we got in the car to head to the Emergency Room we thought we would have our neighbor take a look.  She came over, cleaned it up and was sure that she could take care of it.  I walked back over to her house with Colin in tow and she got out her black bag and started cleaning it up, prepping it for a butterfly.  The bleeding stopped and the butterfly pushed everything back together.  We were done and back home in 30 minutes.  By 9:00pm everyone was tucked into bed and back to our positions on the couch we were.  We saved ourselves so much time and energy by just going next door.  Thank goodness.  I couldn't resist a picture. 

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Janet said...

OUCH! Looks painful! Glad everything worked out ok!