Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anything I Have To Do Twice Annoys Me!

 The other morning everything was done and I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes and the triplets wanted to go upstairs and "work".  I thought it would be harmless so I said, "ok".  It wasn't 15 minutes later when they came back downstairs with their arms full.   They each dropped a pile at my feet.  Upon closer inspection....The three little devils took the pillowcases off all 14 pillows and brought them downstairs.  It is not even 9am and I am having to work harder just to fix what they are making a mess of.

I cannot leave the sticky note pad in reach of them or I will have a stack of sticky notes all over my house.  I love having baby wipes around because I think they are great to wipe anything down.  Not anymore, I need to hide these as well.  I walked up to their bedroom and apparently they had fun taking every last wet wipe out and making a pile close to two feet tall.  The bathroom hand towel is always on the floor, the doors to the outside are always left open, the fridge is left open if I don't constantly tell them to shut it.  I honestly spend my day following them.

Let me just keep you abreast of what else they "worked" on this past week. 

I was picking some weeds while they were playing in the backyard (I often do this because it gives me something to do while they are playing and of course then I can keep a closer eye on them).  I was bent over picking when I heard a...ting ting ting.....I looked up to see the trips with a bucket of pebbles and they were beginning to pour them into the running air conditioning unit.  I drop everything and it felt like a slow motion moment.  Nooooooo.... Sttttttooooppppppppp.... Geeeeetttttt  awwwwayyyyyyyy.  I grab the bucket out of their hands and of course I scared them to death with my hysterical reaction.  I had to sit down and do a long explanation of why we don't pour stones into the air conditioning unit and in fact, we don't get near the unit and never touch it. 

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