Sunday, September 9, 2012

Changing Of Seasons

Labor Day Weekend always signals many changes in a family with young children.  It is the time of the year when school is starting, football season is coming and often the stress of an election in the near future.  I never want the warmth of the summer to end but by this time every year I am anxiously awaiting the start of school, early bedtimes, regular dinner time and a solid routine. (it doesn't take long for me to wish again for the free life that summer provides either).  We always end our summer up north at my parents house for our last hooray.  Growing up on a lake Labor Day Weekend was always the weekend when you started thinking about winterizing the boats and getting the docks put away for winter. 

The school shopping is complete, the new pencil boxes are all ready to go and the kids are anxious to meet their new teachers.  I begin my online shopping for the winter gear and soon enough we will be putting away the sandals and getting out the boots.  A mom 2 mom sale is usually on the calendar so that I can clear out to make room for a new batch of clothes of a bigger size. 

You can tell that we are in September when the air smells a little different and sunset keeps getting earlier.  I begin to think about Halloween costumes and making chili.  The leaves are going to start falling and the cider mills are all preparing for their grand openings.  Playing at the local parks is so much more fun when the slides are not so hot that they burn your skin.  The farmers markets are full of great things to buy and it always seems easy to entertain the kids with the mild weather that comes with fall. 

My home always becomes a little crazy anytime we are transitioning from one season to another.  Putting away the towels and swim suits and starting to search for the box of mittens and hats.  Trimming up all of the bushes and pulling out the flowers.  I will probably still wait to do most of this but the thoughts are still on my mind. 

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