Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The 1st Day of Triplet Preschool

Preschool Preschool Preschool.....Finally...It has been 7 years of always having a younger one at home.....until now.  It is only 2 mornings a week but let me tell is like a new world.  The trips are just as ready for preschool as I am. (or at least I tell myself this). The days are just long and they need some structure and some activities outside of the house. They walked into their classroom, grabbed a name tag, hung up their backpacks and hurried over to the play doh table. They really didn't care if I was there or not.

I was able to drop the triplets off at 8:45am and took a long walk straight from school with another mother who also is experiencing the same excitement of freedom.  Our walk ended and I still had 2 hours left to do some Sam's Club shopping and some time at home....all alone.  The problem is that I have too many things I want to squeeze into this precious time that I have.  For those of you who have the entire day I think to what would I do.  I would probably spin around in circles and not know what to do first. 
The older three were just as excited and wanted to join in for a picture.  I think they just like the idea that on Tuesday and Thursday I drive all 6 to school so they don't have to take the bus.  This translates into everyone sleeps in just a little longer.
There were still smiles at noon when I picked them up so I guess it was a great morning.  I got a thumbs up from the teacher.

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april hyatt said...

Love love love! I cannot wait until mine are in Although it won't feel as great, because ill graduate nursing school soon after and rejoin the work force. But ill have a couple months there, where im at home, by myself for s few hours! Enjoy!