Monday, September 24, 2012

The "I Won't Do It" Ring Bearer

Congratulations to my wonderful niece and her lovely husband. There was a big Mott wedding this weekend and Colleen Mott married her long time beau, Chris Laney.  These events don't come around often so when they do everyone seems to get a pep in their step.  Colleen is the godmother to little Finn.  She asked several months ago if Finn would be the ring bearer at the wedding.  I of course answered with an excited "yes" thinking this will be perfect.  As the day approached I started to really wonder what Finn was thinking.  He was OK with the initial fitting of the Tuxedo but when it came in he really wasn't crazy about trying it on.  He did look cute though and I really really was anticipating a great night.
Thursday evening came and as I was talking up the wedding he told me, "my friend Decky gonna be ring bearer.  I don't want to do it".  Of course the best reaction to a three year old is no reaction right.  I just kept working in the kitchen and ignored him.  On the inside I was freaking out. (Oh darn it what am I going to do about this one.)  Friday morning came and Finn is still saying that he is not doing this but Declan is begging to go.  David and I decide that we will take Finn to rehearsal and see what happens.  Finn acted just as predicted.  He wanted no part of any of it.  He enjoyed the pizza after and agreed to a picture with Colleen but that was about it.  I asked Colleen how she felt about a replacement ring bearer.  Thank goodness Colleen was so laid back and said, "sure whatever". (I mean lets face it, when you ask a triplet to stand up and do something least you have a couple of backups if need be). 
Saturday came and we woke up Finn from his nap to get him dressed and ready to go.  We got half of the tuxedo on and realized that this was not going well. Finn kept saying that he didn't want to go and that he wanted Declan to go.  I gave him one last chance and he said "Nope".  We got Declan up and proceeded to plan B.  Declan was very excited.
Finn was so happy that he was released from ring duty that he quickly put on his t shirt (the one Colleen had given him the night before as a thank you for doing his job) grabbed a cheese stick and sat down to relax.  The kid really was much more comfortable knowing he did not have to do this.
The other hard part of the evening was that David was flying out on a business trip so he wasn't going to be able to go with me.  When we got word that he was leaving I decided that no longer would I be taking all six of the kids.  I told Mairin she could go and of course I was going to take one of the triplets at least.  So here we were right before leaving the house.  Just me and my dates for the night.
The night was absolutely fantastic and everyone had a ball.  Declan did exactly what he was supposed to do and Mairin was a peach.  I had to pull both of them off the dance floor when the night got late.  It was a great great night. 

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