Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Triplet Boys Destroy Things

Triplet boys don't play...They destroy things. My triplet boys have hit a new level of destruction. There is really no need to repair or replace anything in our home anymore. David and I have nearly surrendered to them. We have moved into a trailer parked out in our driveway and have given all rights to the little devils. Eamon, Liam and Mairin have joined us.

What is that spot on the carpet?  We are trying our best to hold on to our carpet for as long as we can.  Our theory is that someday..hopefully soon we can get new and it won't get ruined.  I spot clean weekly and this morning I found yet another spot.  I know what it is..It is either the ground in breakfast bar that snuck into the family room without me noticing or the stupid sip cup that laid there on it's side oozing whatever liquid is inside (who didn't put the stopper in the cup in the first place).  The liquid dries and then a little boy comes in from outside with what used to be white socks on walks over it and then it turns the dingy color.  Don't get me started on socks and outside.  Why is it that they all think it is ok to walk outside in their NEW white socks?.  My stairs are carpeted and need to be cleaned often for this very reason.  To their credit..what was I thinking when I put light cream carpet throughout my house when we purchased it? 

Why do I have holes in my window sills? They figured out how to unscrew the door stopper that was screwed into the baseboard and they climbed up on their beds and pretended to hammer the sharp end into my wood framed windows. It looks like I have a case of termite infestation with all of the holes in the frame.

Why is there Sharpie Marker on the hardwood floors? Finn naps in Eamon and Liam's room and one day someone left a black sharpie in there. Upon opening the door I noticed Finn had a black arm (colored so nicely) and as I looked around I noticed the line of destruction. The market started on the white desk, moved to the foot of the bed with a couple random lines on the boys book bin. The curtains were pulled back so I figured there was more. To my dismay the white window sill was full of circles drawn by sharpie. Looking down there was a a trace of a small hand on the hardwood floor. We will always have the hand outline of Finn on the floor in the bedroom.

Where did all of my shoe molding go? When we moved into our house in 2002 we replaced all of the floors in the house with carpet, tile and hardwood floors. David later went back thru and added shoe molding along the base molding. He decided to glue it all down. I have caught the triplets numerous times grabbing a loose piece and just lifting. They think it is hilarious when they "Score" a piece of molding and run around the house acting out a sword fight.  

Why is there always water on the bathroom floor?  We have a pedestal sink in our main floor bathroom and the floor is always wet in there.  You have no idea how many times I walk in there and have to turn off the water because someone has plugged the sink and has 4 toy boats floating in the water that is overflowing onto the floor.  It only takes a minute when I have an upset triplet coming up from downstairs with a handful of little men that he wants to add to the sink pool. 

Eamon and Liam never did half of the things that the triplets are doing and trying.  Mairin of course was perfect.  God always sends the most troublesome ones last...I am convinced!

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