Monday, September 17, 2012

Triplet Boys.."We Want To Work Mom"

The triplets have taken it to a new level now.  This "work" phase that they are into right now is not going fact it is spreading and becoming a regular occurrence.  I like the fact that it entertains them for a long time but the clean up is getting ridiculous.  If there is an argument during "work" it usually is just one of them not allowing the other to "work" or one has the prized piece of trash that the other one desperately wants in his possession. 

Working consists of shit collecting around the house (inside or out) and piling it all together in the biggest pile possible.  "Working" is usually collected in the front of the house (of course it is in the front yard...the best way for us to look like total rednecks)   I love it most when David arrives home from work on a good "work" day and starts to panic that this stage will never end. He actually starts to sweat when he looks around at all of the crap piles.   David is afraid to do any projects because they will take and hoard his scraps.  He pad locks the shed now so they can't empty it out.   I am constantly going outside after I put them to bed with a garbage bag collecting crap and getting rid of it.  There is no way you are able to take  it away from them when they are in "work" mode.  Favorite items of work are straps, packing material, empty cans or boxes. 
The burlap is dug up from an arborvitae tree that we planted but later died.  The coffee can they must have pulled that out of the recycling bin.
Notice the yogurt box..that was a good day for them.  They also pulled out the cash register from the basement...maybe to add up the value..... huh.  They added a sponge bob tennis racket into the middle of the clutter.
We just got our shutters on our house installed and of course I did not get rid of the boxes in time.  They each grabbed a box and went to the craft room to get their scissors and "work".  The only way I got them to take a nap today is because I threatened them that I would throw away their "work" if they didn't go to bed.  We should have a grand pile this evening after a couple hours of cutting and collecting. 
It is so intense that the the last time we were up north at my parents house the boys all went thru grandpa's garage looking for "work".  They became very attached to the scrap ends of some decking that grandpa had just put up.  We ended up carting home a bucket of decking for Finn to "work" with.  They have also been known to fill up the mailbox with their "work" and the nice mailman will just make a pile of stuff at the base of the mailbox so that he can continue to fill the mailbox with what it is intended to be used for. 


Mary said...

First time commenting, long time reader. This post made me laugh. I had three brothers close in age, and they use to play construction workers. When they were in work mode they even changed their names to Joe, Jim and can't remember what the other name was, they would even argue over who was going to be Joe etc. Your little ones are too funny with their work out in front of your house. Imagination, healthy playing outdoors, and no TV or video games. Good job. A reader from Boston

Heather said...

Oh now this sounds familiar!!! My kids love to collect things into bags and haul them around with them. I've almost entirely gotten rid of anything that can be used to haul crap around the house because it drives me insane!!! I love this post. :)

MK said...

I'm dying laughing...don't know how you do it!