Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Salon Mott"

I have recently noticed that I really don't touch on the older kids too much lately.  They are so easy and low maintenance that there isn't much drama with them.  Liam and Eamon get off the school bus and off to homework they go.  Mairin does bump heads with me quite often but I am just chalking it up to strong wills on both sides.  Mairin loves to debate everything and unless you are suggesting something that she loves than she has a reason why she wants to do it her way.  We have come up with a plan for Mairin and it seems to be working.  Mairin loves to blend into the family and she is good at it.  I will tell tell her to go and do her homework and she will disappear.  She reappears, lets say in 30 minutes and if I am busy with the triplets I assume that she has done her work....not always the case.  She doesn't lie to me but doesn't always admit that she hasn't done everything.  My rule with Mairin is that she can have 30 minutes of chill time after school but after that she has to have all of her homework done before she can do anything. 

Eamon and Liam have already discovered the homework drive.  They want to get it done and they know that it is their job.  I don't have to push them at all and I love that it just happens and it all gets done.  They usually disappear into various rooms to stretch out and get their reading done.  They will then find a quiet place to do their homework.  When I start dinner you can bet that they start coming downstairs to see what are going to eat. 

Last night I said that we were going to get haircuts.  The response is the typical groans of "awwww mom".  I set up "Salon Mott" on the back patio and called each by one to get a cut.  The triplets wanted to join in so I got five boy haircuts completed before dinner.  I usually cut their hair but I alternate taking them to the salon because I am no expert and I like it when the experts even out my rough edges.  I like to have their sides relatively short and I like a good trim around the ears.

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