Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Puddle Party

I gave in and actually encouraged it today.  We had a field trip to the cider mill this morning (in the wind and rain of course).  We arrived home and I really wasn't feeling up to be being "super entertaining, party mom" so I suggested that the trips play outside in the mud puddles.  We already were wearing our rain coats and rain boots so what the heck.  I bent down on my knees and whispered to them, "hey guys, do you want to take your buckets outside and play in all the puddles of water"?  Their eyes simultaneously lit up and each of them turned on their heels and were gone.  I watched them thru the kitchen window while I was making them lunch and checking some email.  Those silly mud puddles entertained them for 1 hour.  They finally came in all wet, cold and ready to eat.  I stripped everyone at the door and we put on some new, dry, cozy pants and they devoured lunch.  It was a nice, rainy morning for all of us. 

I love love love the independance that they are starting to show.  I really like being able to let them play on their own and hear them have their own conversations.  I hear them asking each other if they want to play. 

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John Felton said...

Love your blog! I too am a parent of multiples! My wife and I are the proud parent of 6 year old Triplet girls! Can't imagine life without them!