Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bedtime Can Be Fun...For The Adults At Least

Last night was just one of those nights.  Neither of us really wanted to do much.  It was one of those nights when you wish you could veg out on the couch with no bothers.  David found a spot on the couch in the living room and he just had the kids stand in line for homework checks while I cleaned up dinner and did the minimum to reasonably maintain a tolerable kitchen for tomorrow morning.  It definately wasn't a night that I was going for the real clean.  I told David that we both had to do bedtime only because neither one of us could handle it on our own.  I needed someone to do it with me and hopefully make it fun.  David of course came thru again....He cracks me up.

David started in the triplets room and immediately noticed the broken curtain rod.  He tried to fix it and it nearly fell off in his hand.  The trips have pulled on the curtains so many times and I have re-bent the bracket so many times that one side has finally broken off.  He was so disgusted (I hate it when he notices this stuff..it is much easier when he just doesn't bother to observe the destruction).  He said the prayers with the trips and then in a sort of half serious..half laugh...whips off his belt and says.  "Who did this to the curtain".  All you hear is each one of the boys naming off the other one.  He proceeds with, "If I EVER catch or figure out who did this I am going to use this belt on your butts".  The boys all sit up in bed and their eyes get really wide. He folds the belt in half and grabs the stuffed frog and gives the frog a sample of what the triplets could potentially experience if not on their best behavior. (I leave the room at this point because I can't keep a straight face..this is hilarious and he has them hook, line and sinker.)  He listens as they all comment as to how much that must hurt the frog and how they need to be good boys so that their butts won't hurt like frog's butt hurts.  David walks out and both of us just blurt out laughing as soon as their door is shut.

David tells the older boys good night and on our way down the stairs we stop off at Mairin's room.   Mairin lost a tooth today and she was busy downstairs constructing a letter to the tooth fairy that she read to both of us. 

Dear Tooth Fairy, Who are you and what do you do with my teeth?  Please tell me who you are.  Thank you,  Love Mairin.
David plops down on her bed as she is laying everything under her pillow just right.  "Dad I am all ready for the tooth fairy to come tonight". David says to her, " Mairin, the tooth fairy is a EU employee and is suffering from the EURO crisis and so she only works a couple days a week"  Mairin responds with "Dad...what"?  David comes back with " Listen Mairin the tooth fairy isn't working tonight and I need to check with my European colleagues to see when she is working again".  (Again I need to leave the room because I am going to snort a laugh because I just can't hold it in anymore). Where does he come up with stuff like this?  Seriously who says stuff like this to a 7 year old who is crawling into bed and who's biggest worry in life is if she can watch some TV in the morning before she heads off to school.   This is his way of telling Mairin......

Dad is tired and the last thing I want to do is to stay up late in order to be able to put money under your pillow without waking you up and not to mention try to answer this letter that you have written to the fairy in some sort of crazy handwriting that you won't recognize.  Once I get on that couch I will not be getting up. (oh don't be critical right now..we have all been here and felt this way...you just might not be able to say it out loud)

I guess I better head up and perform my "Fairy Duties"

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Jenna said...

Hi My name is Jenna
Your kids are beautiful princesse, handsome prince’s, cute blessings, special earthly angels, and precious gifts and miracles.
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It takes courage to be brave
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It takes courage to keep positive
Keep on fighting!
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