Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Frights! The Three Amigos.....

They always think they will beat me...Not possible.  I am the mother, the queen of the castle and the ruler of our home.  The triplets think that they can continuously turn on their bedroom light and just leave it on.  I am so tired of turning off their bedroom light at 3am, 6am and every other hour that I just happen to be up and can see the glow from under their door.  I open the door to see 3 precious, sweet little darlings sound asleep....but do we really need to attempt to sleep in complete bright light?  Last night was it, it quits..lights off.  I went in at 9:30pm after over an hour of playing, grabbed a chair, set it in the middle of their room (didn't say a word either so that really freaked them out), unscrewed the light cover on the ceiling light and unscrewed the light.  The room went dark and I grabbed my chair and walked out of the DARK room.  I hate to say that as I was walking out my mind was full of the thoughts of ....ha gotcha! you didn't think that one was coming!.  They settled down and gave up the fight and by morning they were very concerned as to why the light was not working and would I fix it.  I agreed to fix it but warned them that bad behavior would force me to make it break again. 

We have had an amazing week filled with Halloween parties.  On Sunday there was a grand party at Pine Lake where we went thru haunted houses, haunted hayrides, pumpkin decorating and cookie decorating.  There was enough sugar consumed that evening to last us at least the rest of the month of October.  Our church had a nice little party last night and was geared just right for the little ones.  Mairin joined us as well while the older boys went to hockey.  Finn explored the crafts and then plopped himself at the food table while everyone else ended the evening with bingo.  Time to clean the costumes and get ready for the school parties and then the actual Halloween night. 

We took awhile to decide what the triplets would be this year for Halloween.  I feel like this will be the last year that I get to pick so I had to think fast.  We took a trip to Mexico in August and while we were there I ran across the mini sombrero's.  I bought 3 and asked my wonderful mother if she could make me the costumes for "The Three Amigos" or my very own Mariachi band.  She created these wonderful vests, cumber buns and ties (that they are not wearing).  They look so cute and the best part is when they tell you that they are the three amigos (they really have no idea what it means).  Mairin waited until we arrived at the Halloween store to decide what she would be this year.  I think she is cross between a vampire and a witch.  Eamon and Liam being big 5th graders this year were not interested in getting too dressed up so they decided to be "candy robbers".  We were able to put together a couple of simple robber costumes that they were happy with. 

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Janet said...

So glad I'm not the only one with these similiar stories. I felt my own triumph this weekend after turning the bathroom doorknob around backwards so they can no longer lock themselves into the bathroom and destroy the place! Cute costumes