Monday, October 1, 2012

I am NOT making this up..I Promise

In One Week.....Just A Seven Day Period.........

* Dear husband leaves for a work trip to Germany
* I make 3 trips to Pharmacy for medications
* Pink eye enters my home
* Ear Infection for 1 kid
* Strep Throat..confirmed by doctor for another child
* Dr visit ...and I learn that a child needs surgery next week to get tubes taken out.
* Trip to hospital for x-rays to make sure a triplet's foot is not broken (limping for 2 days)
* 1 afternoon in bed due to headache for myself..
* Orthodontist Appointment for 3...braces on by holidays for one...within 12 months for another.
* Child home sick from school for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
* Every plan I had for the week..Cancelled, postponed or rescheduled.

NO REALLY..Im not kidding..this was my week..last week.  This week is going much better.


Beatty Perry said...

Oh Heather, I just want to take a nap after reading this! :) Hang in there Mama!!! You're doing Great! LOVE your blog!!! Can't wait to read more!!! XOXO

Kimberly said...

never a dull moment! hehehe

Janet said...

Geez! Sounds like Mommy needs a stiff cocktail! Hope things calm down for you SOON!

robyn said...

YIKES! That's what I'm always afraid is going to happen with all these kids - they're always in each other's faces exchanging germs, or wrestling until they fall off of something tall, or (for sure) giving me a headache. I hope things are looking up!