Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Reasons I Wake Up In The Morning.


Let us start with the King of the castle.  My lovely husband, David Mott,  who is definitely part of making up this larger than average family.  He is the rock of the family and does so well taking care of all of us.  He is wonderful at helping with homework and has a true love for children (as all of the Mott men do).  He is a devout Catholic and a conservative Republican.  He is the life of the party and has a sense of humor that will make anyone laugh.   David is just fun to be around and is missed when he is away on business.  I love that his main goal is to help our children become responsible and successful adults.  He always tells the kids.....The most important things in life are in this order...God....Family.... Country.  David is great at picking me up when I need it and sending me off on a quiet evening if stress has gotten the best of me.  The highlight of my weeks are date nights with him.  I am crazy about this man.

Eamon Mott..My first born and also a twin.  Eamon has such a wonderful spirit about him.  He is very kind hearted and always aims to please.  He has grown into a nice kid who is very aware of his surroundings.  He is always asking how much things cost and is very interested in money, how to get it, how to invest it and all things that go along with finances.  He is great at math and is very good at taking it to the next level.  He has blossomed into an amazing reader and is reading and comprehending well above his grade level.  Eamon rarely complains or gets upset but when he does we all know we need to stop and listen.  Eamon lives for hockey and loves to be on the ice as much as he can.  His second passion is watching sports.  He can store so many stats in his head and it just amazes me.  Eamon has become very responsible and contributes a lot to our family.  He will be going into middle school next year and will probably continue to eat me out of house and home.

Liam Mott... is my second born and also a twin.  Liam has recently shot up in height and muscle tone and it is really causing me to second looks wondering if this kid really belongs to me.  He continues to eat large quantities of food only to be hungry again in an hour.  Liam carries the only set of blue eyes in our family and also the straightest teeth so far..  Liam is very particular and rigid.  He is organized and detailed to a fault.  He is all about a competittion and all about being first.  Liam is a true competitor and has some natural athletic abilities.  Sports come very easy to Liam while his grades, he works hard for those.   Liam is very loving and will always offer and accept a hug even at 10 years old. (I know this is ending soon). Liam is extremely sensitive and often very shy outside of our family.  Liam and Mairin clash and if you hear fighting it is usually the 2 of them.  Liam is amazing with his little brothers and they adore him.  He is so good at taking them outside and entertaining them while I cook dinner or get things done. 

Mairin Mott...is my only daughter and my only single birth.  She is a 2nd grader and an amazing little girl.  Mairin is often referred to as the mini mother of the house and she has no problems taking over and helping the little ones or demanding her place among the older ones.  Mairin will talk your ear off when she is excited about something and she is also determined not to miss out on anything.  Mairin is particular about the vegetables she is willing to eat and is very good at disappearing when she doesn't like what is on her plate or doesn't want to complete the homework that needs to be done.  She is quite the negotiator and I find myself giving up and giving in sometimes because she just doesn't stop.  Mairin and I are going to probably go thru some tough times as mother and daughter but I know it is only paybacks for the way I treated my mother.  Mairin is probably the most self confident child we have and there is never a worry of Mairin figuring out her way in a new adventure.  I love this little bundle of chatter.
Colin Mott..is the 1st born of the triplets.  His middle name is David and of course is named after his wonderful father.  Colin is the most mature of the triplets and is very interested in his letters, sounds, colors and shapes.  Colin also appears to have an athletic side to him.  He is very interested in any sport that his older brothers are playing and seems to pick up the ideas pretty easily.  Colin needs to be woken up slowly and he is very interested in cuddling.  Colin is my very best eater and will ask for a cucumber or a salad to eat.  He reasons and shares really well with his brothers and loves wrestling with his brothers.   Colin has the longest eye lashes of any of my kids and has eyes that really sparkle.  Colin scared us at 3 months old when he contracted RSV and was hospitalized for 7 days.  We are so blessed to have Colin as part of our family.  Colin so far is the tallest of any of our children at this age.  We hope that maybe he will break the 6ft barrier and play some basketball.

Declan Mott..is the 2nd born triplet and has a middle name of William which was the name of David's father. Declan is a spaz and we often call him that. We contribute part of this due to the way he walks about and bobs his head from side to side.  He is busy and full of energy.  He gives a full on scream when things are not going his way and will rarely stop long enough to sit and cuddle.  Declan likes to play with his brothers and remembers people's names very well.  Declan is the child that doesn't miss a thing.  He will do what he is not supposed to do and immediately blame it on his brother.  Declan is rarely shy and usually walks into a room with confidence.  We used to call him our garbage can because he would eat anything you put in front of him.  He has eased up on that now and as long as he is sitting next to his dad he will eat anything.  Declan is definitely a happy go lucky kid and I don't have to put him into time out very often.

Finn Mott.. is the baby of the family and his middle name is Alan.  Alan is the name of my father and we felt we wanted all of our trips to be named after the men in our families.  Finn is my feisty one. He is the stubborn one and always wants it his way.  Some days are rough with Finn because if he is not "on" than even the most simple tasks can be a test of my patience.  He loves to chat and will have a complete conversation with me no matter what I am in the middle of doing.  He demands answers to his questions and never gets frustrated if he has to ask it numerous times.    Finn loves to work and is constantly collecting stuff to work with.  His favorite is to find wood and make piles or collect screws from David's work shed.  Finn likes the outdoors the most and likes TV the least out of anyone.  I would call Finn my shy one and the one who is most likely to grab onto my leg at preschool drop off.  Finn likes things done his way and if he is in a good mood you may be able to negotiate slightly. 
There you have it folks.  The loves in my life and of course there are many more loves in my life...these are the ones that I wake up to every morning.  I am truly blessed to have each and every one of these little nuggets and although they push my buttons and frustrate me often...I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Anonymous said...

I love reading about your family and I have found some similarities between our two families even though mine only consists of my parents me and my brother. My family is also devout catholic republicans and after reading some of your blog posts about raising your kids, I found myself reminiscing a bit because my parents raised my brother and I with the same values you are raising your kids with. It's clear from the pictures and stories that your children are fun, disciplined and happy. Cant wait to see and read more! :)

Beth said...

I love this!

Your family is beautiful! I love you talking about how much you love and respect your husband and to hear the pride you take in each of your children.

I also notice the similarities between our families. We are also conservative Catholics raising a larger than average family in the midwest. I'm constantly searching for the balance between order and embracing the chaos!

Keep enjoying your wonderful family! I'm enjoying following along :-)