Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Regular Week Night At The Skating Rink

We had to do a make up ice skating class for the triplets last night and it was crazy from the moment I decided that we were going to do it. 

I put the triplets into a 6 session learn to skate program.  I kept thinking about what it would be like the first time our pond freezes this year and all 6 kids are begging me to go outside and skate and 3 of them have no idea how to skate.  I was envisioning the tears, frustration on both parties and the vast amount of skate lacing I have ahead of me.  I need to manage the things that I have control over...teach the triplets how to skate..NOW. 

We have classes on Mondays but when you miss they offer some makeup sessions.  I opted for the 4:45pm make up last night.  I started getting ready for this at 3pm by packing their bags, making sandwiches for all 6 kids and cutting up apples.  The older 3 jump off the school bus at 4:06 and we left immediately there after.  Eamon and Liam have hockey practice at 6:30pm on Tuesdays so we were packing for the entire evening.  I packed up their hockey bag and turned around to do one last head count as I backed out of the driveway.  The kids were passing the Tupperware bin full of peanut butter sandwiches back and forth and the container of chopped up apples was being passed back and forth as well.  I hear a disappointed grunt when I tell everyone that they need to eat up because this is dinner.  I glance into my rear view mirror to see Liam frowning. (love this kid cause he loves my cooking so much). 

We secure a great parking spot and start the unloading.  We must look like a creature exploding with the 4 doors opening and kids piling out.  I grab the big hockey bag and glance up to see the triplets standing with Mairin in the middle of the parking lot having a dodge ball game with the black Suburban pointed toward them.  (thank goodness it was a team member).  We all moved over to the side so the Suburban could get past us.  We walk into the skating place and everyone drops everything at once.   I ask the older 3 to help me get snow pants, coats, helmets and skates on the triplets.  I catch Eamon and Liam playing catch with one of the triplets shoes and kindly ask them to cease immediately.  I see the lady at the snack shack starring over at us in complete disbelief.  (she knows I have the triplets but what I can sense she is realizing is that I have 3 other children.  This is very common especially people who don't know about the triplets or our triplet acquaintances that don't know the older three).  I scan the room while I am searching for skates in my bag to notice that we are the biggest and loudest family in the room.   David appears just as have 1 pair of skates on the trips.  I catch him checking his email while I am bent over (beginning to sweat) and lacing up skates.  I clear my throat to get his attention and give him the look of "really?  You are going to check your email right now?" No words are even exchanged and he says "oh right" and puts away his iPhone and bends down to help.  Skates finally get on and I walk the little nuggets to the entrance of the rink.  Ahhhh...they are now in the care of the skating instructors for the next hour.  I head back out to the pile of Mott Stuff and realize that I have forgotten the hockey sticks for Eamon and Liam's practice.  I quickly called our neighbor and teammate and asked her to pick up our sticks.  I have a couple of down moments so I sit down and have a conversation with David about his day and all that has happened in order to get three little boys out on the ice.   Eamon and Liam complete a good portion of their homework and decided it is time to get dressed for their hockey practice.   I am able to see the triplets thru the glass door and I glow as I watch them run across the ice and then glide. 

The hour ends very quickly and it is time to take it all off.  Yep we take it all off.  Lots of wet articles that are now stuffed into a bag and zipped closed.  The rosy cheeked little peanuts all demand a snack at this point so we head up to the snack shack.  2 popcorn's and a french fry is going to round out dinner for tonight.  The hockey sticks arrive just in time for Eamon and Liam's practice and I decide it is time to take the trips home while David hangs out and waits for the twins to finish practice.  The night will not be complete until we have a meltdown by Declan screaming that he is not ready to go.  Thank goodness David is with me as we have to tag team to get them all out to the car.  They are all mad because they all think they are missing a hockey game so  needless to say...sometimes it is hard to say goodbye.

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