Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Learning On Election Day

The piggy banks were over flowing, the polls are open for voting and the kids had the day off of school.  This is one of those days when it is time to make it a teaching day.  I had the kids get out their piggy banks and count up what they each had.  In order to make a deposit they had to organize their dollars and change so that we could take it to the bank.  They each had well over $100.00 so it was definitely time to make a deposit.  I gave them each an envelope to help them organize a little better.  We arrived at the bank and I got them each a deposit slip and told them they had to read the directions and fill it out.  They each took their slips and envelopes to the teller and made their deposits.  It took quite awhile because of all of the change that had but thankfully the bank was empty and the teller was patient.

We headed over to precinct 5 to cast my vote.  The kids followed me through the lines and instructions.  I filled out my ballot while they stood quietly observing what real voting is like.  I showed them the ballot before turning it in so they could see what it looked like and then they watched as the machine took it and filed it.  We walked out with the "I Voted" stickers which they were pretty pumped up about getting.  Yesterday they had their own mock elections at school and they all got the opportunity to cast their votes for President.  Obama won by a landslide at their school.  Liam said, "Obama won at school because the 1st and 2nd graders all voted for him but the 5th graders voted for Romney".  I just love hearing the perspective from a child. 

I took them to a tennis lesson and then we headed to Subway for lunch.  The day continued to improve when I got a call that they were wanted for a play date.  To only be a kid again and have such small worries in life.

When we have a day like this I can usually go to bed and know that they learned something about life that maybe they didn't know before.  It will be so interesting to see what happens tonight in the elections.  I wonder if we will go to bed knowing who our new President will be or will we go to bed not knowing and hoping that a final count is complete by morning.  I hope to have the kids watch some of the election coverage this evening before bed.  Election day is always a pretty cool day in the United States. 

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Kimberly said...

You are one awesome momma!