Monday, November 19, 2012

Nothing Is Safe !

The counter tops are not high enough, the tables are too low, there are not enough high places for me to stuff things.  I am constantly sticking things in unusual places so that they do not get destroyed or discovered by my curious trio.  I am also losing my mind because half the time I don't remember where I "stuck" certain things.  I cannot wait until I can put things back on shelves and leave things at eye level and know that they will not disappear.  This is a perfect example of what happened this morning.

The trips finished breakfast, older kids were gone on the bus and I was doing my usual routine.  I tend to put some laundry in, grab some sort of meat out of the freezer for dinner all while the Today Show is on in the kitchen.  The trips are usually watching their morning "Calliou" and it is relatively peaceful.  I was picking up in the kitchen and as I bent down to grab some shoes that were under the table my eyes were distracted by an item on the bench that was reflective to the light.  As I looked at took me was a silver little square with DEC on it.  Can anyone guess? 
It was my license plate renewal sticker.  "Oh please oh please tell me it is just laying there and not stuck there"? I went to pick it up and someone (we all know who!!) had stuck it to the bench and it was stuck good.  By this time I had gained interest from the trio so they are all hovering over me.  I said, "who did this"? All I could hear is 3 voices saying, "I didn't".  Colin blamed Declan, Declan Blamed Colin and Finn blamed Declan.  I know it was Finn and I know he always denies his evil ways.  I instruct that everyone leave the room and give mom a minute.  It was a tense request so they thankfully single filed their little narrow butts back into the family room for the rest of their cartoon.  I got a knife and attempted to remove it from the bench completely intact.  It took me nearly 20 minutes to get a rough looking sticker off in pieces. 
I immediately went out to my vehicle and tried to stick it on.  Needless to say I don't think this sticker is going to stay on all year but I tried.  These are one stick type of things.   If the cops pull me over and ask why it is so beat up at least I have a picture to prove it.  This all happened because I opened up my mail last night and set my license sticker on the counter.  Finn came along and wanted to use my mail as his work and proceeded to stick the sticker to the bench.  Thank goodness I was able to get it off but see....I told you...I can't leave anything out.  Grrrrrrrr.

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