Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Surviving As A Mom In A Big Family

 Everyone has their way of coping and making it thru their days.  My ways may end up being a bit different than yours but in the end I think we all have to figure out a way to survive the cards that we are dealt.  Here are a couple of things that I find to be of particular importance to me.  Surviving the early years can really be a challenge.

Stay ahead of the curve.  Never ever attempt to finish a conversation if you see that a meltdown is close.  It is crucial with multiples that you know when to wrap it up and get out.

Bribes.  I keep a bag of treats in my glove box and purse to use in case of a moment of need.  Remember that you are always outnumbered and if they do not want to listen...they really don't have to.  Getting to the car can sometimes be the toughest but with a treat it might make it possible sooner than later.  My favorite treats are ones that I do not keep at home.  They have to be completely unique and cool.

 Boredom=Fighting.  There are days when I am not feeling like being super mom so I will admit the kids end up getting bored.  You can always count on many more fights when we stay home all day and mom is not party planner.

Follow Thru.  If you threaten it....make it happen.  Don't threaten what you are not willing to follow thru with or you will never have the control that you deserve.  I have had to turn the car around and come home (much to my disgust) in order to prove the point that I am in charge.

 Routine.  I keep a tight routine and all of my kids look forward to knowing what is next.  They can predict what is happening next and often that gives them comfort.  Bedtime is consistent and nap time is always at the same time.  If the triplets don't want to sleep that is fine but they will stay in their rooms for "quiet time".  We are still napping and hopefully that will continue.

New Things.  I always have new toys tucked away for the "rainy days".  There are those days when you just need to pull out something fantastic to get thru a rough morning.  I still have Christmas presents in our closet that are unopened and reserved for the days when I can't keep everyone happy.  Kids get way too much at the holidays anyway and with in several weeks they are bored and looking for more.  

Manners Early.  I am a believer that not everyone loves children and you will always run into those people who see kids and either they don't have patience or they don't have any desire to be around kids.  I believe that a polite child is much better than a rude one.  The world goes around and politics are always involved.  Children who use their please, thank you, excuse me etc I think are more likely to gain respect from their teachers, other parents and their peers.  People like polite people.

There are many more and I will continue to share my by day and bit by bit.


Janet said...

Love this! I feel the same way! Would love to hear more about the "new things" that you do. I feel like my kids are getting bored lately. I'm always looking for new things to keep them entertained. We don't have a ton of money so any ideas you have for things to do at home would be great!

Kimberly said...

very well written post, as usual! love it.

Helene said...

Awwww, so these are your secrets to staying sane!!!

I'm totally into bribing my kids. I stole a bunch of treats from their stash of Halloween candy to keep on hand for times in need!!