Friday, November 23, 2012

Twas The Night Before Turkey Day and There Were No Kids!

Another year down and only 364 days until Thanksgiving 2013.  We had our smallest ever turnout this year with only 33 people in attendance.  We ate 3 turkeys, lots of potatoes and many sweet treats to round out what I would consider to be a successful year.  This year brought the beginning of some new traditions. (I hope they are the beginning of new traditions..hint hint brother and sister in laws.). 

The night before Thanksgiving Tom and Pam Mott always take the older 3 kids overnight for a sleepover.  It is a great help to me to have the house free of kids and also they get some cousin time.  The past several years they do meals on wheels on Thanksgiving morning and the kids seem to look forward to it every year.  This year Tom was assigned to 14 deliveries and the stories that come out of these deliveries is worth the trip alone.  Some people are friendly and some are ready to spill their entire life stories.  There are some who spend the holidays alone and some who really don't want to talk.  Eamon and Liam were full of stories upon their return. 

This year Billy and Nadine offered to take the triplets Wednesday night...for a sleepover.  You never have to ask a mother of 6 twice.  "Sure thing Billy, what time do you want them"?.  David loaded up all 6 on Wednesday and I was left home alone to prepare.  He dropped the older 3 off first and stayed for dinner and then made his way to the triplets drop off.  Billy and Nadine have 5 children of their own with the youngest being in college. (It has been awhile since little ones have graced their presence for such an extended period of time).  I will only give minimal details as I have requested Billy and Nadine to do a blog post with all of their details on the 24 hour period.  I can tell you that the text messages that Nadine was sending me Thanksgiving morning was really enough entertainment for me to drop them off again.  At 11:27am the text was as follows.."I just sat on the wettest toilet seat ever....and my feet got wet too!".  Immediately following that text was "Should we try to get them to nap?  What time do you want them back"?.  What time do I want them back????? Wait they are keeping them until 3pm when the party starts.  My head was full of ..oh no's....(do they want me to come and get them?  Is this too much for them?  Oh if they are being bad I am going to be so upset with them?  I sure hope they are behaving?).  Needless to say they showed up at 3 for the party to start and everyone was smiling.  Billy and Nadine both looked at me and said, "ok...we are done".  Stay tuned for their version hopefully coming soon. Oh and by the way...Wednesday was not only their first triplet sleepover but it was Nadine's birthday.  Huge Huge Shout out to the Nades for giving up her birthday night celebration to spend it with 3 little boys. 

The weather was gorgeous so people were inside and outside, the house was a buzz with catch up conversations, hugs and warm greetings by everyone.  My centerpiece appetizer got some laughs and I had to beg people to eat it.  Everyone was starving but few wanted to take and eat from it.  There are many things that I have learned in hosting this event.  The most important one is not to pour on the appetizers too heavy of you will end up with a crowd of people who are not hungry for the main meal.  I did a couple of years ago when I served bread and fondue.  Everyone was stuffed within 30 minutes of arriving.

We finally got everything out and ready to eat.  We attempt to say a prayer  and everyone tries to gather round the kitchen.
It never takes long for everyone to eat and the clean up begins.  Everyone seemed to be very full and about an hour after dinner all of the men take a long walk while the ladies gather together for the annual craft.  I just love seeing everyone gathered, talking and creating.  This truly is an honor to host this wonderful holiday.
This year we created tiled necklaces.  It was a great hit and easy enough for even the Colleen's of the world.  The night continued to play on with a group retiring to the living room to tell funny college stories and share some laughs while others found a comfortable couch to take a short nap.  We also enlisted Chris and Colleen to bring the drink of the night.  Chris did not hold back.  Cognac, Champagne, bitters and a sugar cube.  Wow!  Now you only need one of those.  The kids would pop in and out and I am sure they enjoyed more junk food and pop than normal since I wasn't really paying that much attention.  The night was a rap at 11:45pm when David and I turned off the last of the lights and dragged ourselves up to bed.  Ahhh sweet blissful slumber.  

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Mellisa Rock said...

What a blessing and treat it must have been to have the house all to yourself for 24 hours. That text about the toilet set was priceless. I have 3 boys ages 8 to 12. It's awesome.