Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rounding Out Another Birthday

The triplets scored big this year for their birthday.  Grandma and Grandpa hit the jackpot with gifts of a john deer tractor pedal car, a police car pedal car and a go kart pedal car.  The trips love loved it.  They have spent most of their time since begging me to go outside and play.  I think that I was probably more excited for these gifts than they were in the beginning.  We have a huge circle driveway and we spend a ton of time outside.  I am just thrilled that we have a variety of pedal cars to entertain.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for hitting the grand slam of fun.

They were also blown away by Aunt Heidi's creative gift this year.  She decided to take them out for the morning and stop by the pet shop to get them each a fish.  They picked out the decorations, the bowl and were thrilled to show me the fish they picked out.  I asked them what they named their fish and no lie (I swear this is what they came up with on their own).  "Mom the fish names are Father, Son and Holy Spirit".  It was hilarious and they continue to refer to them with these names.  The only sad part is that the Holy Spirit died yesterday.  They came to me and said, "mom the holy spirit is died".  When you hear this you take a minute because at first you are not sure what they are talking about.  I need to run out and get a replacement because we cannot be without the Holy Spirit. 

Aunt Myrna rounded out the birthday weekend with Spider Man masks and Star Wars light Sabors.  These kids should be entertained till Christmas.  We enjoyed our weekend because Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Heidi all came for sleepovers.  We were able to celebrate my mom's birthday as well.  It was a good weekend.  Happy Birthday Trips and Mom!

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