Thursday, January 31, 2013

Locked Up and Ready To Go To Funny Farm

If I find another ripped up dollar bill stuffed nicely under a bed or another deodorant stick crumbled and dismantled with pieces everywhere in Eamon and Liam's room....I just might bust out of our home and check into the funny farm.  The other day I found a stack of half eaten food stuffed into the far back corner of my dining room.  There was some old pizza, a half eaten cookie,  a partial granola bar and an opened jar of peanut butter. (no wonder I couldn't find the peanut butter and was forced to open another one).  I rearranged the triplets bedroom last week and before I could move the beds I had to get a garbage bag and dispose of the large pile of shoe molding that was piled in behind one of the beds.  They diligently broke every piece into pieces that were about 3 inches in length.  They must have worked together to be able to get every piece neatly stuffed behind the bed. 

I kept finding the triplets bedroom lights on at midnight so I had to take the cover off the light fixture in their room and unscrew the light every night.  I found a full tube of tooth paste squeezed into the sink after they went to bed the other night.  My dining room has a wall full of some nice artwork done in black marker that we discovered a week ago.  I don't have crazy triplets...I have 1 single crazy child and his name is Finn.  Yep the baby of the family gets into everything and is the sneakiest kid I have ever come across. 

On a brighter note....They are really coming into themselves, playing independently and I have noticed how it frees up some of my time.  They are really into playing house, store and police officer right now.  I have really discovered that having 1 additional friend over can really provide a great afternoon of good play.  The older they get I am finding that they are understanding consequences and following through is my number 1 rule at this stage.  The pond has really been a great amount of entertainment for all of the kids.  The triplets put their gear on and their skates (well I put the skates on) and they head out on the ice for upwards of 2 hours of play some days.  I am able to watch them from the dining room and they always seem to do better when I am not right there.  They spend some of their time walking back and forth to the house asking for things but they always come in cold, tired and ready to chill out. 
The older kids even enjoy hours on the pond.  Here is a an evening on the pond with a fellow hockey teammate.
When we are not outside the triplets are usually destroying everything in their paths as I explained above but they are also into working.  Here is a great example of how they dress up in their "work" clothes and they pretend to work.  This work session was repairing the hole in the wall (they call the door to the basement the hole in the wall).  They had their winter mittens on for their work gloves, shorts on (because ...well maybe an excuse to put on shorts) and all of their tools were also in the hallway.  They really look like a bunch of nerds in this picture but they are kind of cute.
No fear anyone....We are making it here at the Mott house.  We all have our days but David and I are regularly going out for date nights, kids are having friends over and we still manage to have dinner together most nights.  The older ones get frustrated with the little ones, Mairin and Liam push each others buttons and Eamon is always asking me if he can help out.  A sense of humor is really what makes us make it thru this F.U.N time in our lives.

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